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our dedicated teaching team is here to share their passion for yoga and is always ready to help you with your yoga journey

Island Yoga Team
Rosita Jan
Rosita Jan | Studio Director

E-RYT 500 Registered Trainer / YACEP Provider – Hatha Yoga Cert (200hr)
Vinyasa Yoga Cert (300hr) – Pre & Post Natal and Children & Teens Yoga (30hr)
SUP Yoga Cert (25hr) – Budokon Yoga Cert (50hr) – Thai Massage Level 1 (30hr)
Yoga Trapeze® Cert (50hr) – Yoga Trapeze® Trainer Cert (25hr)
Awakening Yoga (20hr) – Advanced Course & Awakening Yoga Academy (50hr)

International master yoga trainer, all-things-yoga business entrepreneur based in Malta. Rosita’s yoga teaching journey began in 2013 which eventually lead her to quitting her job in the corporate world to pursue teaching yoga full time. What started as a fun exercise, progressed into a series of all-encompassing workout systems inspired by yoga, calisthenics, cross-fit, mixed movements, trapeze yoga and SUP yoga. Rosita has trained with a number of internationally acclaimed pioneers like Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein, Honsa & Claudine Lafond, Lucas Rockwood, Mackenzie Mille, Mathieu Boldron, Cameron Shayne.

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Lexi Gatt | Senior Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (200hr)
Yoga Trapeze Cert (50hr)
Wheel Yoga Cert (20hr)
SUP Yoga Cert (20hr)

Meet Lexi. From a young age, Lexi used to practice yoga with her grandmother and always found it very intriguing. Over the years, Lexi had attending a few yoga classes, but never had the time to fully commit to regular practicing due to university studies. She finally had the time to rediscover her passion for yoga after graduating as a Kindergarten Teacher, which led her to applying for the 200hr Teacher Training at Island Yoga, improving her knowledge and personal practice, and qualifying. Not only does Lexi love the physical benefits of the movement of yoga, however she strongly believes in the positive effects yoga brings for someone’s mental health. 

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Lola Wilkinson | Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (200hr)
Aerial Hoop Cert (20hr)
Aerial Yoga – Slings Cert (20hr)
SUP Yoga Cert (20hr)

Lola first tried aerial slings three years ago when she arrived in Malta and found a community through these classes. This ignited a love for aerial sports and led her to gain knowledge in yoga and fitness, gaining experience teaching a range of classes and starting dance for the first time as an adult. After an injury stopped her from continuing rowing as a teenager, she found a new passion for yoga and aerials, which is not only physically but mentally beneficial. 

She has taught children aged 3-12 gymnastics, stretching, dance and aerial slings and loves to share her enthusiasm and passion for these sports.

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Ceren Imge Altinok | Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (200hr)
Aerial Yoga-Slings Cert (30hr)
SUP Yoga Cert (20hr)

Meet Ceren. Ceren started her Yoga Journey 3 years ago while working in a cooperate world and living in a foreign country for the first time. She fell in love with yoga at Island Yoga studio and decided to follow her instant connection to this practice. Ceren was a professional swimmer for 6 years while still in high school and was always into physical activities which led her to apply for Aerial Slings Yoga Teacher Training at Island Yoga studio. Her journey continued with 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and SUP Yoga. She always believed that we, as people are stronger than we think, and we just need to take that first step to start one of the best journeys of our lives – yoga.

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Margherita Bonello| Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (200hr)

Meet Margherita. Having different backgrounds in Ballet, Flamemenco, Sailing and Swimming she was always pushing herself from a young age. Although she has Scoliosis, this did not stop her to strengthen herself and to not let her body limit her potential.

Yoga was the practice that really peaked her interest as it was the medicine that her body really needed. After four years of practice, Margherita has completed her 200hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Island Yoga with an aspiration to share her knowledge with the hope of helping students pursue new strengths.