our dedicated teaching team is here to share their passion for yoga and is always ready to help you with your yoga journey

Island Yoga Team
Rosita Jan
Rosita Jan | Studio Director

E-RYT 500 Registered Trainer / YACEP Provider – Hatha Yoga Cert (200hr)
Vinyasa Yoga Cert (300hr) – Pre & Post Natal and Children & Teens Yoga (30hr)
SUP Yoga Cert (25hr) – Budokon Yoga Cert (50hr) – Thai Massage Level 1 (30hr)
Yoga Trapeze® Cert (50hr) – Yoga Trapeze® Trainer Cert (25hr)
Awakening Yoga (20hr) – Advanced Course & Awakening Yoga Academy (50hr)
Breathwork Teacher Certification

International master yoga trainer, all-things-yoga business entrepreneur based in Malta. Rosita’s yoga teaching journey began in 2013 which eventually lead her to quitting her job in the corporate world to pursue teaching yoga full time. What started as a fun exercise, progressed into a series of all-encompassing workout systems inspired by yoga, calisthenics, cross-fit, mixed movements, trapeze yoga and SUP yoga. Rosita has trained with a number of internationally acclaimed pioneers like Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein, Honsa & Claudine Lafond, Lucas Rockwood, Mackenzie Mille, Mathieu Boldron, Cameron Shayne.

Jodie Kane | Sound Specialist

Gong Training Level 1, by Gongscape, Australia (Leith James)
Gong & Sound Therapy Training, by Tone of Life, Spain (Tom Soltron & Abby Delsol)
Training in Crystal Singing Bowls Level 1 by Rainbow Sounds, Australia (Sarah Weber)
Gong Camp Training, by 9Ways Academia & Grotta Sonora, Italy (Mitch Nur & Mike Tamburo)
200HR Island Yoga | 300HR 300HR Tanya Kaps

Jodie, originally from Australia but now residing in Malta, has been a sound practitioner for over 3 years. She specialises in holding group sound baths and private experiences in both Malta and Switzerland. Over the years, Jodie has trained with numerous inspirational teachers in the field, each bringing different perspectives and lineages, which has provided her with a well-rounded and practical approach to the industry. Her repertoire includes playing gongs, crystal bowls, shruti box, and more. Coming from a family with a musical background, Jodie’s childhood was filled with learning the Saxophone, Clarinet, and Percussion instruments. As an adult, she finds joy in reconnecting with music as a tool for expression, exploration, meditation, and transformation.

Lola Wilkinson | Yoga Teacher

RYT 500 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (500hr)
Aerial Hoop Cert (20hr)
Aerial Yoga – Slings Cert (20hr)
SUP Yoga Cert (20hr)

Lola first tried aerial slings three years ago when she arrived in Malta and found a community through these classes. This ignited a love for aerial sports and led her to gain knowledge in yoga and fitness, gaining experience teaching a range of classes and starting dance for the first time as an adult. After an injury stopped her from continuing rowing as a teenager, she found a new passion for yoga and aerials, which is not only physically but mentally beneficial. 

She has taught children aged 3-12 gymnastics, stretching, dance and aerial slings and loves to share her enthusiasm and passion for these sports.

Island Yoga Malta
Margherita Bonello | Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (200hr)
Aerial Hoop Cert (20hr)

Meet Margherita. Having different backgrounds in Ballet, Flamemenco, Sailing and Swimming she was always pushing herself from a young age. Although she has Scoliosis, this did not stop her to strengthen herself and to not let her body limit her potential.

Yoga was the practice that really peaked her interest as it was the medicine that her body really needed. After four years of practice, Margherita has completed her 200hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Island Yoga with an aspiration to share her knowledge with the hope of helping students pursue new strengths.

Island Yoga Malta
Matthew Zerafa | Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (200hr)

Meet Matt. From a young age, Matt had a curios mind and was always intrigued by activities that nourish the mind and body. Consequently, that led him into the world of science and martial arts. Later in life he discovered the calming practice of free diving, which eventually introduced him to the world of yoga.
Realising the benefits of yoga, and driven by the curiosity to learn more, he completed his 200hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Island Yoga. His unwavering belief is that yoga offers profound benefits to everyone, not just physically but, even more significantly, mentally and socially!

Rebecca Cachia | Aerial Teacher

Aerial-Slings Yoga Cert (20hr)

Meet RebeccaRebecca discovered Aerial slings in 2022. She fell in love with the feeling of flying on the slings; she loves experimenting with new flows and drops. 

In September 2023, Rebecca decided to take her practice to the next level and complete the 20 hr Aerial Sling Teaching Training Course.

With a background in contemporary dance for 11 years, attending courses abroad – this led her to work professionally in Malta. Rebecca is currently a final year medical student who loves keeping physically active and strongly believes that exercise is important for one’s mental health. Rebecca’s classes are creative and fun, open to all levels of practitioners as she guides you through the aerial practice step by step. 

Aimee Scerri | Yoga Teacher

RYT 200 Registered Trainer – Yoga Cert (200hr)
Aerial Slings Cert (20hr)
Aerial Trapeze Cert (50hr)

Meet Aimee. She is passionate about fitness, crossfit and yoga. Aimee began practicing yoga at home, after discovering that as an athlete she needed to focus on her flexibility and mobility. Soon she added yoga to her daily training routine.

Eventually Aimee decided to further her knowledge and completed Yoga Teacher Training with Island Yoga School. The journey did not stop there. After discovering additional benefits of aerial practices, Aimee soon qualified in Aerial Slings and Aerial Trapeze and is sharing her passion with adults and kids. during her fun classes at the studio. 

You will also find Aimee teaching HiiT classes to complement your yoga practice.

island yoga malta
Margot Warchalowska | Aerial Teacher

Aerial Hoop Cert (20hr)

Meet Margot. Originally from Poland, Margot discovered her passion for aerial hoop 3 years ago back in her home country. Despite having a busy professional career, Margot was drawn to the challenge and excitement of aerial hoop and found that it provided a welcome balance to her daily life. 
Margot believes that with dedication and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals and uncover their hidden potential. She is a firm believer that aerial hoop is a practice that builds not only physical strength and flexibility, but also mental resilience and self-confidence. 
Join Margot in one of her aerial hoop classes, and let her inspire you to take flight and soar to new heights!